Oxford Sports Trust

Oxford Sports Trust

Terms & conditions

Grant Applicants agree, confirm and acknowledge:

  1. Details of the grant application and its outcome may be listed on the Oxford Sports Trust website www.oxfordsportstrust.org.nz, or other media.
  2. All relevant information pertaining to a grant application shall be the property of Oxford Sports Trust.
  3. Any grant amount received will be used solely for the purpose(s) specified in the application and the approval notification.
  4. The Applicant may not refer to Oxford Sports Trust as a partner, guarantor or in any other way associated with the activity or programme, which is the subject of the application.
  5. If an application is made on behalf of an organisation that the organisation has been fully informed of and has approved the application and will provide acknowledgement of grant receipt via official letterhead or alternative official means acceptable to Oxford Sports Trust.
  6. Any decision made by Oxford Sports Trust is final and no explanation for any decision made regarding my application will or needs to be provided.
  7. Where an application contains personal information relating to any person, that persons has authorised the provision of their personal information by the applicant to Oxford Sports Trust, for the purpose of the application, and for the purposes of fulfilling the requirements of any grants approved.
  8. Grants are made strictly on the condition that that no procuration fee, commission or discount has or will be paid to any person and that no undisclosed benefit to any person will result.
  9. Any grant made to a GST-registered applicant will be exclusive of GST
  10. Any uniforms, footwear or equipment purchased with grant money must remain the property of the Applicant.
  11. Recipients of grant funding must complete an Accountability Report which is completed online. This report will include copies of all paid invoices, receipts and bank statements and shall be provided within the timeframe stipulated by Oxford Sports Trust. If a funding surplus exists, the surplus must be returned to Oxford Sports Trust by direct credit within 20 working days following the filing of the Accountability Report.
  12. If there is a failure to comply with any of the terms and conditions above, Oxford Sports Trust may terminate any grant approval and require a refund of any grant payments made. Oxford Sports Trust may at any time request further accountability documentation to ensure funds have been spent appropriately
  13. Audit and Inspection Requirements:

Oxford Sports Trust Inc. records will be inspected and audited by the Department of Internal Affairs. Oxford Sports Trust Inc. is required to render details of all grants to the Department of Internal Affairs. If the Department of Internal Affairs so requests, the Applicant shall agree to and participate in (at its own expense) any such inspection and/or audit. Oxford Sports Trust Inc. carries out its own audit of grant recipients. The applicant will agree to and participate in any such investigation and/or audit if requested by representatives of The Oxford Sports trust Inc.

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